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Our Story!

Located in the heart of Midgham on the outskirts of Newbury, White Rose Bridal Rooms is a cherished Wedding Dress Boutique that is proudly run by two friends. Founded in 2014 but recently taken over in 2021 by Sophie & Hayley. We sell high quality, affordable bridal gowns & accessories that you are sure to love.


Visit us in person to experience our relaxed, friendly & approachable hospitality as well as our incredible customer service.

White Rose Bridal Rooms Boutique Picture

Meet the Team

Sophie Buck & Hayley Moffat

Sophie Buck and Hayley Moffat


We're two former work buddies who share an obsession of beautiful dresses, sparkles and all things pretty! 

We both love providing a truly personalised experience and get our kicks out of going the extra mile and delighting our clients.


Having met each other 8 years ago, we've had endless 'dreamy' conversations about one day, owning our own bridal shop so guess what? We did it! 


We can't wait to welcome you in to our beautiful space where you can take your time to try our dresses, veils, accessories and have a fabulous time!

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