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Incorporating Crystals into your wedding planning.

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

From helping you to relax to kick-starting creativity, crystals are perfect to help keep Zen like thoughts throughout the planning process. It’s likely you’ll never have planned an event on this scale and there’s bound to be a few hiccups or stressy moments along the way. Today I’m exploring crystals and how, beyond their beauty, they can aid in managing any upcoming wedding planning stress.

If you are already into crystals or open to trying something new, keep these crystals close whilst wedding planning to make the experience even more magical.

Citrine: is associated with positivity and optimism, which is not surprising given its cheerful color. It's often used to assist in manifesting financial abundance and opportunities. It can also be used to awaken the solar plexus chakra, helping to cultivate confidence and personal power. This is my personal favourite crystal! You could even give these to your guests as favours.

Rose Quartz: One of the best stone’s for wedding planning. Rose quartz is said to amplify the love around you and bring an extra punch of romantic air to your surroundings. Making it absolutely perfect for a wedding! Cotton candy pink in colour and available in a million different shapes, from points to sleep balls, to jagged raw pieces – you can even pick it up in cute little heart shapes. Rose quartz’s energy goes right to the heart chakra – could it be anymore perfect for a wedding? Some experts advise to keep a bit of it close to promote self-love, love from others and compassion. Rose quartz pretty shade of pink also makes it an excellent option to incorporate into your décor if it fits with your wedding theme. Rose quartz crystals as favours for all of your guests will make gorgeous gifts and will look beautiful on your tables too.

Red Jasper: The benefits of red jasper as a wedding planning crystal are immense. This problem solving crystals encourages creative thinking and helps you to think on your feet if you hit a little hiccup in your planning process. It also promotes stability, something you’ll need in abundance during this time and will provide a comforting foundation for you and your partner as you begin your married life. If you feel stuck during the planning, twirl some red jasper between your hands or sleep with it under your pillow – it’s said to open up your creative thinking and help those ‘aha’ moments take place.

Moonstone: Moonstone is said to alleviate stress and emotional turmoil. Throughout your planning keep moonstone close to enhance feelings of calm and peace, in fact it’s this property that makes it such an apt crystal for wedding planning. As your day gets closer and closer, keep moonstone close, such as in your pocket and give it a little rub to promote feelings of calm and being in control.

Pyrite: Although you want to keep your wedding planning as calm as possible as you plan the big day, there are many other times where you just really need to get stuff done. This is where fiery pyrite comes in, it’s a healing crystal that gives you a nice kick of motivation to get things in order and done. Pyrite is also a protective stone, shielding against negative energy. Keep it close to feel your calm, positive self during the process.

Amethyst: Amethyst is not only a beautiful, romantic looking crystal it’s said to soothe nerves and anxiety. These magical crystals are said to help with communication and facilitate self-love. This healing crystal is a powerful one to help stressed couples stay sane. Its purple hue is related to inner clarity and an overall sense of connection to a higher power. Amethysts are the perfect crystal to incorporate into your on the day wedding décor, their magical energy will help create the perfect atmosphere for everyone attending. You could use smooth round pieces of amethyst adorned with guest names doubling up as a place name and favour your guests will treasure.

Are you a fan of crystals like me? Maybe you are having a crystal inspired wedding. I’d loved to know in the comments below.

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